Peter C. Lavoie


  1. Project BlackBird
    Project BlackBird
    A receptacle assembly and a reverse vending machine comprising said receptacle assembly United States Patents 9292991 & D756050 Issued March 22, 2016 & May 10, 2016
  2. InstaDeem
    Utilizing the AccuDeem algorithm, the InstaDeem kiosk was used to automate the payout of RVM receipts as well as give value added functionality to the retailer.
  3. Botscan
    Developed market driven custom PC software for a client to allow an attendant to manually count and properly identify used beverage containers and the distributors that they were associated with. The program provided reporting for store management as well as billing purposes. It also provided a receipt for the customer.
  4. Glass Bin
    Glass Bin
    Re-designed glass bin capable of being nested, and maximizing capacity by utilizing an extended undercarriage. Included ribbing was used for both strength and rigidity as well as allowing for attachment to a tipping device.
  5. AccuBeem
    Connection and Range verification device for wireless spread spectrum data communication in areas where wired communication would be impossible. Used during site surveys, this device ensured that proper communication would be uninterrupted between both client and host units from possible radio frequency interference and attenuation
  6. SuperKiosk
    Designed a kiosk to sustain both manual and automated redemption of used beverage containers and recyclables. Developed low power compaction which would allow retrofit to current kiosk configurations.
  7. AccuDeem
    Developed an algorithm to encrypt and protect against receipt counterfeiting as well as wrote RVM software to implement this functionality.
  8. Ultrasonic Detector
    Ultrasonic Detector
    Protected against fraudulent redemption of non-deposit objects by implementing a low cost sonar device to verify shape of container and watch for presence of foreign objects in the recognition chamber.
  9. Multi-Purpose PCB Board
    Multi-Purpose PCB Board
    Allowed rapid design and fabrication of projects requiring a microcontroller board. Nine button interface controller Air-Sort counter and control board InstaDeem test I/O board
  10. Airveyor
    Met a requirement to convey used beverage containers with little power/few moving parts and maintaining a center space in the kiosk for an attendant to operate.
  11. HCp Mover
    HCp Mover
    Allowed the pre-preparation of HCp Tub-Frame machines to be quickly and easily installed.
  12. Skunk Sort
    Skunk Sort
    Bulk Sortation of Used Beverage Containers of Various Commodity Types